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June 03


YMM organization (NGO) Location: Vivatel

May 28

Kenny and Crystalbelle’s wedding at Pearl International hotel

Event date 日期 : 10th May 2014 Performers 表演嘉宾: Malcolm Music Live Band Newlyweds 新婚: Kenny and Crystalbelle Event venue 地点: Pearl International hotel YouTube http://youtube.com/weddingliveband Facebook http://facebook.com/malcolmmusic            

December 31

Chee Keong and Suek Fern’s wedding reception at West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel

Event date 日期 : 27th December 2013 Performers 表演嘉宾: Malcolm Music Live Band Newlyweds 新婚: Chee Keong and Suek Fern Event venue 地点: West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel

July 05

Justin & Glenamene’s wedding (22nd June 2013)

Event date: 22nd June 2013 Performers: Malcolm Music Live Band Newlyweds: Justin Lai and Glenamene Event venue: Eastin Hotel, PJ View us on FACEBOOK!