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December 14

Kian Hui and Queenie’s wedding at Klang Parade Dynasty Dragon

Event date 日期 :19th October 2014 Performers 表演嘉宾: Malcolm Music Live Band Newlyweds 新婚: Kian Hui and Queenie Event venue 地点: Dynasty Dragon, Klang Parade YouTube http://youtube.com/weddingliveband Facebook https://www.facebook.com/weddingliveband.malcolmmusic https://www.facebook.com/malcolmmusic  

November 27

Ales and Ying’s wedding reception at SS2 Mall Dynasty Dragon

Event date 日期 : 24th November 2013 Performers 表演嘉宾: Malcolm Music Live Band Newlyweds 新婚: Ales and Ying Event venue 地点: 皇龙酒家 Dynasty Dragon, SS2 Mall

September 21

Weng Ooi and Wen Shi’s wedding (15th September 2013)

Event date: 15th September 2013 Performers: Malcolm Music Live Band Newlyweds: Weng Ooi and Wen Shi Event venue: Dynasty Dragon restaurant, Puchong IOI Mall View us on FACEBOOK!